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Cardiac Catheterization in NJ

For more information on cardiac catheterization services in New Jersey, visit our Cardiac Catheterization page.

Submit Cardiac Cath Data to NJDOH

New Jersey hospitals that operate a cardiac catheterization laboratory are required to report data to the Department of Health on each patient undergoing catheterization. This includes both diagnostic and interventional catheterization procedures. Please report data only for patients 16 years or older.

Data are to be submitted every quarter to the Department within forty five (45) days after the close of the quarter. The data submission schedules are as follows:

Quarter  Months Included in Data Submission Due Date
First January - March May 15
Second January - June August 15
Third January - September November 15
Fourth January - December February 15 

The staff of the Office of Health Care Quality Assessment is available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding data submission. You may contact them at:

NJ Cardiac Catheterization Data Registry
Office of Health Care Quality Assessment
New Jersey Department of Health
225 E. State Street, 2nd Floor, West
Trenton, NJ 08625-0360

Phone: (609) 984-7334

Toll Free: 800-418-1397

Fax: (609) 984-7735

Last Reviewed: 4/23/2018