Tuition Aid Program

The Tuition Aid Program (TAP) is designed to help and encourage eligible employees to broaden their knowledge and skills and to assist the Department of Health in recruiting and retaining qualified personnel. The Program provides employees with the opportunity to pursue formal academic learning that will benefit the Department of Health.

In order to be eligible to receive tuition aid, an applicant must be a full time employee of the Department of Health for one year in either the classified or unclassified service with no disciplinary action. Employees who do not have a current electronic Performance Assessment Review (ePAR) for the rating cycle with a satisfactory rating will not be eligible.

Tuition aid may be received for undergraduate, graduate, technical, or supplemental courses undertaken at any accredited educational institution provided that the courses relate to the employee's current or planned future job responsibilities at the Department of Health.

Last Reviewed: 10/17/2018