OIT Tactical Planning

The OIT Tactical Planning Unit (OIT TPU) manages the Information Technology Tactical Plan Reporting Process. The process calls upon the Executive Branch Departments and Agencies annually to provide current detailed information on each Agency’s Information Technology hardware and software maintenance and support, end of life resources, and new and existing project initiatives. The information obtained from the agencies helps to identify shared opportunities for infrastructure, applications and/or services and ensures Agency IT Procurement aligns to their Tactical and Strategic Plans, State Goals, and State IT Architectural Standards. Compilation of this information ensures a comprehensive picture of the current status of all reported Information Technology Initiatives and their anticipated costs. The process results in the publication and distribution of individual Agency recommendation reports. Additionally, a comprehensive master plan status workbook as well as the Master Recommendation Report is provided to the State Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

The Tactical Planning Process gathers data from the Agencies that supports awareness and compliance with OIT requirements for:

Maintenance & Support

Data Management

End of Life Technology Replacement

Asset Inventory & Management

Solutions Architecture Review

Number Description
0230 Tactical Planning Survey
0232 NJOIT Tactical Planning Process FAQs
0234 Project Portfolio Status Template
Number Description
0236 Maintenance and Refresh Cost Estimates Template
0236 Maintenance and Refresh Cost Estimates Template