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Two Animators! 'MTV Football U'
Two Animators! "MTV Football U"

Tom and Joe Costantini loved to draw when they were children. As they got older, the two brothers from Hamilton went on to study commercial art and design and animation and soon were working freelance art jobs in New York City. They decided to go into business together in 2001 and opened Two Animators!, LLP., setting up shop in Princeton.

Twenty years later, Two Animators! is going strong, having completed hundreds of projects, ranging from television series content to mobile apps to creating online virtual worlds. Some projects feature recognizable brands and beloved characters including SpongeBob SquarePants, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Barbie, Pokémon and Mickey Mouse.

Tom Costantini
Tom Costantini
Joe Costantini
Joe Costantini


Collaboration is key, and Tom explains that the two brothers have complementary skills which enable them to offer a wide range of services. “We provide everything from the initial design sketches to final animated production. We can develop pitch packages, create full bibles and even write scripts.”

Recent short form series developed by Two Animators! include “MTV’s “Football U,” and Fine Brothers Entertainment’s “Emo Dad.” They have also worked on the television series “VH1 ILL-ustrated,” co-directed and animated the music video "The Monster Is Loose" for Meat Loaf's "Bat out of Hell III" tour and produced hundreds of short form series and educational videos. Their client list is impressive: 20th Century Fox, Mattel, Pokémon U.S.A., USDA, AOL, Atmosphere BBDO, VH1 Music Channel, MTV, Disney Online, Rockstar Games, McGraw-Hill and many others.

Regarding their current New Jersey location in Mercerville, Tom says being in the Garden State offers great benefits. “While many of our clients are located around the world and we meet via Zoom and Skype, with a short car or train ride we can easily meet clients in person in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area.”

As far as what’s next, the two brotherly animators are developing new series concepts for “The Adventures of Boris and Natasha” and “Rodney Raccoon Special Delivery!”

You may contact Two Animators! LLP directly:
Phone: 609.532.6138

Two Animators! is just one of the hundreds of New Jersey-based companies listed in the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission’s Production Services Directory that can help make your next production a reality.




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