Kinship Care

In New Jersey and across the country, many grandparents, relatives and family friends are providing care to children who are unable live with their birth parents. When situations arise and a child can no longer safely reside with their birth parent/legal guardian, Child Protection and Permanency, CP&P, first look for relatives and family friends who may be familiar to the child to provide care.  Relatives and family friends are usually known to a child and can often help ease the trauma of separating from a birth parent by providing a safe, nurturing environment.

You Can Do This

Before CP&P can place a child with a relative or family friend, the following must occur:

  • A thorough home inspection.
  • Local police and other background checks on all household members, age 18 years and older.

Within five business days of the child's placement, CP&P works with a relative or family friend to obtain an application to become a licensed resource parent.

As of July 1, 2005, all relatives and family friends caring for a child under CP&P supervision are required by the State of New Jersey to be a licensed resource parent.  By becoming a licensed resource parent, a relative or family friend will be eligible for a monthly board payment, a clothing allowance, health coverage for the child and other support services.  Click HERE for more information on Kinship Legal Guardianship Subsidy.

If you are a relative caring for a child who was not placed through CP&P you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Kinship Navigator Program.  Click HERE for more information. 


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