The Office of Adoption Operations is a licensed adoption agency within the State of New Jersey, Department of Children and Families, Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P). The Office of Adoption Operations is approved to provide adoption services to children in the public child welfare system, which includes placing children into adoptive homes as well as providing other adoption related services in New Jersey. Each year, the Office of Adoption Operations finalizes the adoptions of hundreds of children; the majority of whom are adopted out of the foster care system. Yet despite the success of ensuring permanency for many children, there are still children who are in need of an adoptive family. The decision to adopt a child and fully accept that child as your own is not often made with ease. There is a lot to consider before you make such a commitment.

We encourage you to contact us. To learn more about adopting from our agency click HERE to read the adoptive parent handbook. This handbook will provide you with provide you with important information regarding general characteristics of available children, who can adopt and a step by step guide regarding the adoption process.

Featured Child: Josiah

Meet Josiah
Josiah is where radiance and joy meet! He is all laughs and smiles when interacting with those he cherishes. He lets you know just how much he enjoys your company by sharing his latest sign language expressions.  


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Siblings In Best Settings Program   

Resource Family Handbook

A Guide to Post Adoption Resources: English   
Subsidized Adoption Program Brochure: English   Spanish  
Adoption Registry Brochure: English   Spanish  
Recruitment Materials: English    Spanish  
Homes for Siblings:  English/Spanish  
Homes for Teens: English/Spanish  

Foster Care Tuition-Scholarship Program  

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