Giavanna is extremely outgoing and very friendly. She is imaginative and loves to be creative with her drawings, arts and crafts. Giavanna is very energetic and loves visiting parks and playgrounds. The outdoors provides the perfect opportunity to relieve her high levels of energy. Athletic, funny, and thoughtful are a few words to describe her. She likes to play board games and cards, read comic books, and listen to music. Shopping is also another favorite activity. Giavanna has a healthy appetite. Some of her favorite foods are cheese fries, pizza, spaghetti, steak and chicken. Giavanna is very bonded to her sibling and would need ongoing contact to maintain this bond. An ideal family for Giavanna would be supportive, structured and patient. Although Giavanna loves pets, she is also allergic to dogs and cats and will therefore need a pet free environment. 

For more information about Giavanna, please contact Amy Catalano at 609-888-7492. 


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