Malachi blossoms with praise. His face lights up when he hears a deserving, “great job Malachi”. He is described as charismatic, humorous and helpful. A keeper of memories, he can quickly recall peoples, places and experiences. His humor can be seen in his quick wit and ability to make people around him laugh. Beware though his laugh can be infectious. Malachi has not yet decided on a sport but has participated in and enjoyed both karate and soccer lessons. Academically Malachi does well in a structured and nurturing learning environment; favorite times of the school day are spent in computer and art classes.

Malachi will be at his best with a family that offers structure, guidance lots of love and opportunities to stay connected with his older brother Winsum.  

For more information, EMAIL or call 1-800-99 ADOPT. You may also contact Andrea Mitreuter at

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