Security at the Office of Administrative Law

Safety and security is of the utmost importance at the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). It is the policy of the OAL that threats and threatening behavior, harassment and intimidation, physical acts of violence, and intentional property damage committed either in OAL facilities or in the performance of work duties outside the OAL's premises will not be tolerated.

When you enter the OAL office in Atlantic City, Mercerville or Newark, a security officer will immediately welcome you. The officer will ask you to remove all metallic objects from your person and place all bags, packages, purses and briefcases on a table for inspection, prior to your passing through a stationary magnetometer.

No one may carry a weapon into the building, including employees of the OAL or any participant in the administrative hearing process. The only exception to this policy is an appropriately licensed law enforcement or security officer, who is on official police business; those individuals may be allowed to carry a weapon into the building. Any law enforcement officer who is carrying a weapon and is not in uniform must display a police badge or an identification badge issued by their department or by the OAL security officer. This badge must be visible and worn on the front pocket of the outer garment.