If you need to reschedule the hearing or prehearing conference, you must request an adjournment immediately. An adjournment will only be granted if there is a very good reason to do so that could not have been reasonably foreseen or prevented.

Before calling the OAL, you must contact the other party or parties to see if they agree to an adjournment and to get a list of possible alternate dates. When you call the OAL, you will be asked the reason for the adjournment, whether the other parties agree to the adjournment, and for other dates. If the request is granted, a new date will be set for the conference or hearing.

If the other parties do not agree to the adjournment, the judge may hold a telephone conference with all parties to resolve the problem.

If your case has been assigned to an ALJ, make the adjournment request directly to the ALJ. If the case has not yet been assigned, contact the OAL at the phone number listed on the Notice.