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Revisions in the laws governing Combined Sewer Systems (CSSs) require that all municipalities with these systems develop a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP).

The CSO Long Term Control Plan is a feasibility study to evaluate the means, costs and effectiveness of control alternatives for reducing the frequency and volume of CSO discharges, as well as different levels of pretreatment and disinfection.

To meet the Public Participation Program, and other requirements of the LTCP, the Cities of Paterson and Newark, the Towns of Guttenberg, Harrison and Kearny, the Borough of East Newark, Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authorities (MUA), Bayonne MUA, North Bergen MUA, North Hudson Sewage Authority, and Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners have joined together to form the New Jersey CSO Group. Each of these entities owns and/or operates various components of a Combined Sewer System.

In April 2007 the New Jersey CSO Group submitted the information required in the CSO General Permit to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Since then the New Jersey CSO Group has met periodically to keep abreast of CSO issues and to assist members with CSO compliance matters.

If you require any information about PVSC’s CSO General Permit, or the New Jersey CSO Group, contact Marques Eley at 973-466-2969.