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Rates and Fees

User Charge Rates







 $502.6464 per million gallons

 $434.2983 per thousand lb

 $471.5685 per thousand lb

BOD=Biochemical Oxygen Demand; TSS=Total Suspended Solids


This chart summarizes the fees required to be paid for certain activities, and interested persons should consult the PVSC Rules and Regulations, Section 602, for more information. For answers to questions, call Don Yanuzzi at 973-817-5946.

  1. Application for Sewer Use Permit
    $750 - submitted with Application, half of the $750 fee will be refunded if PVSC does not issue a permit.
  2. Application for Letter of Authorization
    $750 - submitted with Application, half of the $750 fee will be refunded if PVSC does not issue a permit.

  3. Annual Permit Fee
    1. Categorical Users - $3,500 for a five-year Sewer Use Permit, billed annually in $700 installments.
    2. Non-Categorical - $2,000 for a five-year Sewer Use Permit, billed annually in $400 installments.
    3. Letter of Authorization - $200
    4. A Permit that is terminated prior to its expiration date will not be eligible for a refund for the balance of the current year. Future years will not be billed.
  4. Treatment Fees
    Treatment Fees* shall apply for discharges of dilute wastewaters1 and gray waters2 (both defined below).... Acceptance of said wastewaters is as a last resort, where discharge to local surface waters or re-injection to groundwater is impractical. Acceptance must be by Contract between the discharger and PVSC, with specific terms, conditions, and limitations (set forth in a Letter of Authorization and/or Sewer Use Permit) as are necessary to properly protect the PVSC treatment works.
  5. Pollution Prevention Monitoring Fee

    Pollution Prevention Monitoring Fees shall apply to all Best Management practice (BMP) Users that require an annual inspection.

    Pollution Prevention Monitoring Fee (Fats, Oils, Grease Inspections) - $75 to $175 range, billed annually, depending on grease-producing equipment.

    Pollution Prevention Monitoring Fee (photographic, x-ray equipment inspections for silver recovery) $125 billed annually.

* PVSC has determined that the rate to be charged for the acceptance of these wastewaters by Contract shall be fixed at $0.0015 per gallon for all such wastewaters containing Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) concentrations above 500 mg/l, and $0.003 per gallon for all such wastewaters containing BOD concentrations below 500 mg/l.

1 Dilute Wastewater means wastewaters generated from other than on going industrial operations, such as ground water, construction water, non-contact cooling water, leachate, etc.

Gray Water means for purposes of hauled wastewater to PVSC, non-hazardous industrial or site clean-up wastewaters. These non-hazardous wastewaters do not meet the definition of “Sludge” contained in the PVSC Rules & Regulations.