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The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State

Governor’s Hispanic Fellows Program Forming Alumni Association

TRENTON, NJ – As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Sara Pena, Director of the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research, and Development (CHPRD), is pleased to announce the formation of the Governor’s Hispanic Fellows Program Alumni Association.

First established in 1988, the Governor’s Hispanic Fellows Program is an 8-week summer program attracting high-performing students with an interest in diversity and inclusion, seeking the skills necessary to succeed in a professional workplace. The program combines quality internship opportunities for practical, hands-on experience with traditional classroom instruction, guest presentations by leading professionals, as well as other unique skill-building opportunities. For more than 30 years, the Governor’s Hispanic Fellows Program has helped prepare Latinx young people to lead in their own communities and throughout our state.

CHPRD is currently accepting applications for the 2020 Governor’s Hispanic Fellows class and for the program’s 2020 partner employers.

The establishment of the Governor’s Hispanic Fellows Program Alumni Association will offer the program’s 900 alumni a formal network empowering their continued growth as leaders, community advocates, and mentors. The Association is expected to work with CHPRD and allies including Hispanics Inspiring Student's Performance and Achievement (HISPA) to support the development of the next generation of Latinx leaders, both within the fellowship program and throughout New Jersey.

In recognizing the launch of this important asset, Director Sara Pena said: “Organizations across New Jersey have benefited from the tenures of Hispanic Fellows who join the ranks of close to a thousand alumni. The launch of the alumni association serves as testament to our program’s endurance and reputation. I am exceptionally proud of our alumni.”

“I applaud the development of the Fellows Alumni Program and look forward to its efforts to strengthen Latinx leadership opportunities and development throughout our state,” said Secretary of State Tahesha Way. “Our diversity is one of New Jersey’s greatest strengths and leadership in both the public and private sector should reflect the people we serve.  Since nearly 20 percent of our state’s population identifies as Hispanic or Latinx, we are proud to support and invest in programs that elevate talented current and future leaders from this community.”

About the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research, and Development (CHPRD):
Housed within the New Jersey Department of State, the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD) was established in 1975 to address the needs of the Hispanic community, recognizing that this growing population has been historically underserved. The CHPRD has a director and an advisory committee, all appointed with approval of the Governor. The Secretary of State serves as an ex-officio member of the advisory committee.

Beyond its oversight of the Governor’s Hispanic Fellows Program, CHPRD works throughout the year to invest in Hispanic Community Based Organizations. It provides annual grant funding for qualified Hispanic-focused non-profit applicants working in Entrepreneurship, Citizenship and Integration, Workforce Development, and Community Service (within the following subcategories: children at risk, health risks and disease prevention, senior citizens, mental health). CHPRD FY2020 grant funding allocation details can be found here.


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