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Capital Improvements

Capital Program Documents

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Financial Tables

Section 3
NJDOT Projects

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NJ Transit Projects

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Project Descriptions,

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Transition Projects

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Appendix A
FY 2003 Major Project

Appendix B
FY 2004-05 Study &
Development Program

FY 2004 - 2006 Statewide
Transportation Improvement Program

FY 2004-2005 Study and Development Program

The Study and Development (S&D) Program is a listing of "study and development" projects active at NJDOT and the MPOs. The FY04-05 Study and Development Program was approved by the three MPOs. Study and development is the work that is done to develop a feasible and appropriate project (or other solution) to address a transportation problem. Study and development has three specific phases: concept development, feasibility assessment, and preliminary design. The work of study and development includes developing a preferred alternative, securing community support for the alternative, securing approval of environmental agencies for the alternative, and developing a specific scope of work for the project. Projects in study and development are not normally funded as individual projects in the STIP. Although the practice varies somewhat among the MPOs, most of the study and development phases of work are funded through broader, program line items, such as "Project Development, Preliminary Engineering." Exceptions to this rule include projects, which are funded through special funding categories, such as "High Priority" projects.

The file listed below is in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file, which is available at our state Adobe Access Page. transportation projects in New Jersey.

FY 2004 - 2005 Study & Development Project Listing (460k PDF)

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