Department of Transportation

Restricted Access

Route US 1 & 9
(a) The use of the certain parts of State Highway Route US 1&9 described in this subsection is hereby restricted to certain classes of traffic as described:
1. In Essex County and Hudson County:
i. In the City of Newark, the Town of Kearny, and the City of Jersey City:
(1) No trucks or buses for both directions of traffic except for emergency vehicles and for maintenance or service vehicles actually engaged in the inspection, maintenance or reconstruction of the roadway:
(A) Along the portion of the route known as “The Pulaski Skyway” between the southernmost intersection of Route US 1&9 Truck and the northerly intersection of Route US 1&9 Truck, including all ramps and connections thereto which are under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Transportation (approximate mileposts 51.00 to 54.48).

Last updated date: February 25, 2020 2:35 PM