Department of Transportation


The Jersey Department of Transportation's Office of Maritime Resources (NJDOT/OMR) provides interagency support, program planning and policy recommendations on maritime issues to the Commissioner, Governor and the Legislature and promotes coordination and cooperation among state, federal, regional and non-governmental agencies.

NJDOT/OMR advances public education on all maritime and marine issues and serves as the primary advisory body and lead agency for support of New Jersey's $50 billion maritime industry which includes ports and terminals, cargo movement, boat manufacturing and sales, ferry operations, government services, marine trades, recreational and commercial boating and maritime environmental resources.

NJDOT/OMR supports technology research and development, investigates innovative dredged material management technologies to ensure a balance between development and protection of the ecosystem and advocates and plans for continued development and growth of New Jersey's Marine Transportation System.

Last updated date: August 7, 2019 9:18 AM