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USCG Local Notice to Mariners - Weekly Edition
The USCG publishes a weekly Notice to Mariners. Information relevant to local waterways and changes to regulations in the Fifth Coast Guard District are posted as notices of Proposed Rule Making. The Fifth Coast Guard District covers coastal waters from the Shrewsbury River, New Jersey to Little River, South Carolina.

New Boating Regulations (pdf 23k) have been passed by the New Jersey Legislature (NJAC 1382). These new rules are primarily for safety and include not only boating but also waterskiing, parasailing, diving and swimming.

Manned and unmanned drawbridge schedule and contact information is available. Remember that while on the water, boaters need only call Channel 13 for bridge information and to request an opening for "on demand" bridges.

The USCG has established a safety zone in Barnegat Inlet from March 7, 2014 to November 31, 2014 around the Barnegat Inlet north jetty repair project. The Army Corps of Engineers has contracted with Agate Construction to repair the damage to the north jetty that was caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. The presence of workbarges in the channel reduces the width of the navigable portion of Barnegat Inlet, making it too narrow for vessels to safely pass each other within the inlet. This regulation (pdf 223k) is necessary to provide for the safety of life on the navigable waters of Barnegat Inlet and is intended to restrict traffic movement to protect mariners from hazards associated with the north jetty repair operations.

The USCG has passed an interim rule (pdf 58k) regarding the openings of railroad bridges crossing the Arthur Kill at mile marker 11.6 (near Goethels Bridge) and the Raritan River at mile marker 0.5 (near GSP Bridge). These rules are effective now.

UPDATE: Boater Safety Course Deadline Clarified
A 2326 was signed into law on January 15, 2009 as P.L.2009, Chapter 1. This law clarifies that the State’s mandatory boat safety course required to operate power vessels in this State, including personal watercraft, must be completed by all persons before June 1, 2009.

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