Department of Transportation

Lane Usage

Route NJ 34
(a) Lane usage for the certain parts of State Highway Route NJ 34 described in this subsection is hereby regulated as follows:
1. In Monmouth County:
i. In the Township of Colts Neck:
(1) Left lane for left turns only:
(A) From northbound on Route NJ 34 to westbound into the “Orchards at Colts Neck” driveway, also known as Block 46, Lot 13 of the official tax map of the Township of Colts Neck, between the centerline of the driveway to “Orchards at Colts Neck” and a point 100 feet southerly therefrom.
(2) Center lane for left turns only:
(A) Beginning at a point 1,400 feet north of the northerly curb line of Trump National Boulevard, extending to a point 600 feet northerly therefrom (approximate mileposts 12.97 to 13.08).

Last updated date: September 13, 2022 9:24 AM