Department of Transportation


Route NJ 82
(a) Turning movements for the certain parts of State Highway Route NJ 82 described in this subsection are hereby regulated as follows:
1. In Union County:
i. In the Township of Union:
(1) No left turns:
(A) From Route NJ 82 westbound (Morris Avenue) into the driveway for 2801 Morris Avenue southbound (approximate milepost 0.45).
(B) From the driveway of 2801 Morris Avenue northbound onto Route NJ 82 westbound (Morris Avenue) (approximate milepost 0.45).
(2) No U-Turns:
(A) No “U-Turns” for both directions of traffic between Grandview Avenue and Warren Avenue (approximate mileposts 2.43 to 2.63).

Last updated date: March 13, 2020 3:34 PM