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Land Use Regulation Program Guidance for Site Remediation & Waste Management Program
(as of 13 May 2004)

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What to look for in SRWM cases that would trigger their involvement

Here is a list of circumstances or conditions on a site that suggest LURP may have regulatory authority. In these instances, contact LURP early in the planning design for further assistance to determine status and work through compliance requirements or restrictions.


A review of DEP GIS indicates that the site is:

  1. In the CAFRA area
  2. The site, or a portion of the site, is within 500' of mean high water along tidal waters outside the CAFRA area
  3. Any work is proposed below mean high water or within coastal wetlands
  4. Any work is within 300 feet of a freshwater wetland line
  5. Any work or discharge is within 300 feet of a Category 1 stream

A review of other information indicates that the site is:

  1. Other maps or surveys that show Freshwater Wetlands or Wetland Transition Area (aka wetland buffer
  2. County Soil Survey map indicates soil types that are poorly drained or wetlands
  3. FEMA Flood Study, State Flood Study, or engineered survey shows that the site is in a flood plain or flood way

Please note: A formal request for a Jurisdictional Determination by a potential developer exceeds regular inter-departmental assistance and coordination. Those requests must be made in writing to the Program. Checklists for obtaining Jurisdictional Determinations (Coastal or Flood Hazard Areas) and Letters of Interpretation (Freshwater Wetlands) are on our web site at

Land Use Regulation Program
Main number: 609-984-3444 (Mark Mauriello, Director) fax 609-777-3656 & fax 609-292-8115

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