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Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Important Notice to Underground Storage Tank (UST) Owners and Operators Regarding the UST Facility Certification Questionnaire

(Updated 17 April 2006)

The New Jersey Underground Storage Tank (UST) Facility Certification Questionnaire has been modified in several important ways. These changes were designed to assist you in providing accurate information to the Department of Environmental Protection (the Department) regarding compliance with the UST upgrade and leak detection requirements, and to insure proper operation of your upgraded UST systems.

It is the UST Owner and Operator's responsibility to provide truthful, accurate and timely information on the UST Facility Certification Questionnaire. Any changes to your UST system requires resubmittal of the Questionnaire with the new information. The Department will be using the certified information you provide to ascertain compliance with the regulatory requirements. Systems that are in compliance will be published at the Department's Web site, allowing suppliers to determine your facility's compliance status. This could result in a supplier's decision to halt delivery of product, or the Department's action to deny or revoke an UST registration. You are required to have a valid UST registration in order to receive product and operate your UST system.

If your UST systems are in full compliance, but you fail to provide timely, accurate and complete UST facility registration information, you risk an interruption of your product supply, or denial or revocation of your UST registration. In addition, please note that providing false information is punishable by significant civil and criminal penalties.

UST facility inspections have begun in New Jersey. Federal, State or County inspectors will be reviewing registration information for accuracy and field verifying compliance. Falsification of documentation will result in the assessment of maximum penalties allowed by law.

If you have any questions regarding the UST Facility Certification Questionnaire, please direct them to the Registration and Billing Unit at 609-633-1464.

If you have any technical questions about what constitutes compliance, please contact the Bureau of Southern Case Management at 609-292-8761.