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File Formats

File Formats Used on this Site and Their Common Extensions

Adobe Acrobat PDF™

Portable document file format
Common extension: .pdf
Indicated on this site with the [PDF] symbol.

Adobe Acrobat PDF files require a special reader. A free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader can be downloaded form Adobe.

Note: Some people have encountered problems reading PDFs created with the newer versions of PDF creation software if they are using older PDF readers. If you have problems reading our PDF documents, check the version of your reader and consult the Troubleshooting info on the Adobe PDF Web site.

Microsoft Word™

Spreadsheet document file format
Common extension: .doc
Indicated on this site with the [Word] symbol.

The Word document files require a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word 97® or Word 2000®, that can read Word files.

Microsoft offers a free Word 97/2000 Document Viewer for Win 95/98.

Microsoft Excel™

Spreadsheet document file format
Common extension: .xls
Indicated on this site with the [Excel] symbol.

The Excel spreadsheet files require a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel®, that can read Excel 97 files.

Microsoft offers a free Excel 97 Spreadsheet Viewer. The viewer, however, can only view the existing spreadsheet. It does not allow changes to be made and the spreadsheet programming will not run.


Compressed file archive format
Common extension: .zip or .exe (for self-extracting archives)
Indicated on this site with the [ZIP] symbol.

Zip files are compressed archives of one or more files. The "zipped" files may be of any format and may need their own readers, viewers, or other applications.

To use Zip files downloaded from this site, it requires a program capable of unpacking the archive. There are various such program available. Among the more popular ones are PKWare's PKZIP® and Nico Mak's WinZip®. To prepare Zip files for uploading Hazsite or EDSA7 data, see the Important Notes below.

Zip file may also be turned into self-extracting archives executable (.exe) files. These do not require any special unpacking utility. Just run them in Windows and follow the instructions. (Hint: Pay special attention to where the self-extracting archive will place the extracted files. If you want the files to go elsewhere, specify the location.)

Important ZIP Notes for Hazsite & EDSA7 Users: While any Zip-compatible utility program will unpack the files you download from here, the Hazsite and EDSA7 applications have a special requirement. They need the DOS version of Zip utilities to work properly. You can obtain a PKZIP for DOS utility from PKWare. (You may see other versions of PKZIP utiltiies on the site. Many of them will not work with Hazsite; we know that the DOS version of the utilities will work on most systems.)

PKWare distributes its software as "shareware." Please read the licensing info for the software and abide by it.

Also, please limit filenames of Zip files submitted to eight characters (followed by the ".zip" extension).