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EDSA7 Changelog

7.1.5: 9/x/2016

  • Changed the installer from VB5 to InstallShield, the version is the same. It offers better detection of modern versions of Windows and offeres better compatability. It is encouraged to uninstall all previous versions before using the new installer.

7.1.5: 5/3/2013

  • The checking of HZSAMPLE.SampTime now skips the warning message about any date included there IF the date is consistent with the SampDate.
  • The checking of HZSAMPLE.WellPermit now recognizes pre-2008 permit numbers that begin with 41 to 57. Previously it recognized only 21 to 37 (sheet numbers within the atlas of NJ).
  • A message box, now eliminated, formerly appeared when HZSAMPLE has no coordinates for a KML file to display.
  • Error message 2_0203_B has a new wording.
  • The lookup table ReslT715.DBF has more parameter names, more alternate CAS codes for EDSA to recognize, and better consistency in the way it classifies parameters as "P" (MDL and QuantType/QuantLev NOT required) or "A". These changes allow EDSA to issue fewer messages in the Analyte Warning Report known as RSTP.
  • New templates for HZSAMPLE.DBF & HZRESULT.DBF, labeled 10e instead of 09, primarily affect in-house users at NJDEP.
  • Manual update includes an automatic updater program.

7.1.4: 12/20/2012

  • Fixed Latitude and Longitude fields so they accept decimal degrees and decimal minutes as specified in the EDI Manual.
  • New algorithm for text processing, simplifying text and allowing more names to be recognized.
  • The ability to remove retention time out of the ANALTPARAM field
  • Various stability fixes.

7.1.3: 11/15/2012

7.1.2: 9/6/2012

  • Moved temporary files that writes in application path to write in c:\TempEDSA
  • Fixes a bug that crashes when del_on.ini file missing
  • Removed unused DLL files

7.1.1: 8/10/2012

  • Corrected processing of WELLPERMIT contents.
  • Added reformatting for WELLPERMIT containing hyphens.
  • Revised several error and warning messages.
  • Turned off copying SRPEDI.TXT to folder containing EDD source files being checked.
  • Changed header to display version number.
  • Changed save path for error html page.

7.1.0: 8/3/2012

  • Initial release of EDSA7 to the public

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