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January 13, 2014 - [SRRA]: New Technical Guidance Document posted on
SRRA Web site

From:; on behalf of; SRRA <>
Date & Time: 1/13/2014 2:36:00 PM
Subject [SRRA]: New Technical Guidance Document posted on SRRA Web site

[SRRA]: New Technical Guidance Document posted on SRRA Web site

The Department would like to announce the availability of the following technical guidance document:

Technical Impracticability Guidance for Ground Water

Technical Impracticability (TI) is a condition where remediation of ground water to the applicable standards is not feasible from an engineering perspective because of the limitations in the currently available ground water remediation system engineering methods or technologies. Although cost may be considered as an additional screening criterion in assessing the appropriateness of making a TI determination, cost is only considered as subordinate to that of ensuring protection of public health, safety and the environment.

A TI determination is not a permanent remedy for contaminated ground water. The TI determination should be re-evaluated periodically to assess whether advances in engineering capabilities subsequently render the TI determination inapplicable and enable the responsible person to further remediate ground water to meet the applicable remediation standard. TI does not equate to "no action." When the Department agrees that a remedial action should be deemed technically impractical, the responsible person must implement measures to safeguard potential receptors.

This document was developed with stakeholder input and the Department would like to thank the DEP staff and outside Stakeholders who worked on the document for their considerable time and effort. The document is available for viewing and downloading on the SRP's Guidance Library Web page at

Training seminars are being offered for this and other Technical Guidance documents. Training classes are typically held in the 1st floor Public Hearing Room of the DEP offices in Trenton (401 E. State St.) and also offered via webinar. Training on this Guidance document will cover important changes in IEC technical and reporting requirements that were adopted into rule earlier this year. Please visit the SRP's training web page at for more information about the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Program and other training tools and opportunities.

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