Approved Evaluation Instruments and RFQ Information

Evaluation Instrument Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Approved Lists

The Spring RFQ review process has been completed and applicants have been notified of their status.  For 2014-15, districts may continue to use the instruments in place for the 2013-14 school year or may select other state-approved instruments.  All districts will indicate their instrument choice (even if keeping the same instrument) as part of the annual evaluation rubric reporting survey taking place later this spring.

The updated approved principal practice evaluation instrument list is available here in PDF or Word.  
The updated approved teacher practice evaluation instrument list is available here in PDF or Word.

Please note the following advisories:

  • Instruments are approved only as the version/edition specified here; districts that make modifications to an approved instrument must submit the instrument with modifications for separate review through the RFQ process.
  • Districts must abide by intellectual property laws before utilizing a particular instrument.  If an individual or organization holds a copyright to an instrument, the district is responsible for securing permission for its proper usage.
  • This list only includes instruments that have met the technical requirements for use in New Jersey.  Any district that will be purchasing instruments is required to follow public bidding laws and regulations in acquiring an evaluation instrument and should consult with their Business Administrator (BA) for guidance. If the BA needs additional support, he or she should contact the appropriate county office of education.
  • The instruments on the approved list do not have contracts with the state, necessitating that districts develop their own contracts; please refer to our FAQ on public bidding for more information. Additionally, districts must ensure that they have the supports in place to meet the implementation requirements of the evaluation instrument, such as teacher and administrator training and/or proof of mastery. Related details can be found in our evaluation requirement FAQ.