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General Overviews

Frameworks in Use by Various Groups
Over the past year, the Department has worked with teams of accomplished professionals from several groups representing educators in specialized roles. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of role-specific evaluation instruments that districts may choose to adopt. While the Department does not require the use of these instruments, we support the educator groups in their efforts to promote the use of tools that address the specific job responsibilities of their members. As the Department continues to develop guidance for staff members in specialized roles, we will continue to learn from these groups and their partner districts during their first year of utilizing these evaluation instruments, which are listed below:

Additional Resources

Student Growth Objectives (SGOs)

General Overviews

  • SGO Overview: A 2-page overview for those unfamiliar with or who want a refresher on SGOs.
  • SGO Quick Start Guide: A two page process guide/condensed version of the SGO Guidebook that could be used as a reference.

Training & Implementation Materials
Updated and New Materials for 2014-15

  • SGO 2.0 Presentation (PPT | PDF)
    Designed by and for use by educators to help improve SGO quality.
    Resources for SGO 2.0 Presentation
    Assessment Design Note Taking Handout (Word | PDF)
    Activity - Determine Relative Importance of Standards (Word | PDF)
    Activity - Next Steps for Districts (Word | PDF)
    Assessment Items for Validity and Rigor Discussion (Word | PDF)
    DOK Wheel and DOK/Rigor Chart and Checklist (Word | PDF)
    Rules of Assessment Item Design (Word | PDF)
    Sample Rubric for Important Markers of Future Success (Word | PDF)
  • 2014-15 SGO Form (PDF | Word)
    Updated to help teachers include rationale for selected standards, identify and record information for student starting points, record mid-year adjustments to SGOs, and reflect on process in annual conferences.
  • SGO Quality Rating Rubric (PDF | Word)
    Updated with more specific information on assessment quality, and using multiple measures of student starting points.
  • Assessment Blueprint and Completion Guide (PDF | Word)
    Form and guide to help teachers plan, develop, and check high quality assessments.  Use in conjunction with information in SGO 2.0 presentation.

2013-14 Materials

  • SGO Guidebook: This document is an in-depth "how-to" guide for setting SGOs. It contains useful forms in an appendix.
  • SGO Training Modules: Four computer-based training modules have been developed to help teachers in small groups or individually work through each step of the SGO process.
  • SGO Quality Rating Rubric (Word | PDF): Rubric that teachers and administrators can use to assess the quality of SGOs.
  • SGO Scoring Checkpoints and Considerations (Word | PDF): Annotated guide with examples and resources for developing SGO scoring policies and completing the SGO process with teachers.
  • SGO Scoring Checklist (Word | PDF): Simple list that administrators may use prior to or during annual conference to ensure important aspects of SGO scoring are completed.
  • Administering and Scoring SGO Assessments (Word | PDF): Table including a series of optional steps districts and schools can take to increase the quality of SGO assessing and scoring).

Additional Resources

  • SGO Overview Presentation
  • Assessing and Adjusting SGOs (Word | PDF): Document describing the value of assessing submitted SGOs for quality and making adjustments as needed before the February 15th deadline. Includes a suggested method for inspecting SGO quality.
  • SGO Quality Assessment Presentation (PowerPoint | PDF): Presentation that can be used to assist a team that is assessing SGO quality. Describes the components of a high quality SGO with SGO samples of varying quality.
  • SGO Forms: Optional forms for educators to use when developing and setting SGOs.
  • SGO Exemplars
  • SGOs: Business as Usual for Effective Educators PDF
  • Baseline Data Taken from Multiple High Quality Sources to Set Differentiated SGO Targets PDF
Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs)

General Overview

Training & Implementation Materials


  • SGP General Overview: This August 2011 white paper from the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessments (NCIEA) provides a 6-page overview of SGPs, including a detailed explanation of the statistical methodology used to calculate SGPs.

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3/3/11 Governor Christie Welcomes Recommendations of the New Jersey Educator Effectiveness Task Force as Guide for Reform to Put Results for Children First