Evaluation Scoring

Under AchieveNJ, teachers and school leaders (principals, assistant principals (APs) and vice principals (VPs)) are evaluated based on multiple measures of educator practice and student achievement. Each element of the evaluation results in a 1 - 4 rating, which is weighted according to the state formulas. Once the scores for all evaluation measure are finalized, each educator will receive a final summative rating on a scale from 1 - 4.

Note: Information and resources listed below reflect scoring procedures for 2013-14 evaluations. We are in the process of posting additional resources for 2014-15 scoring based on proposed changes to component weights.

Component Scoring Resources
Summary Scoring and Conference Resources

Summary Scoring Resources and Guidance:

  • 2013-14 Teacher Evaluation Scoring Guide
  • 2013-14 Principal Evaluation Scoring Guide
  • Observation Signatures: Districts should ensure they have the proper documentation for each required observation in the teacher's personnel file by the time of the summary conference including observer and teacher signatures. Districts using electronic records for observation reports might consider keeping one "signature page" in the teacher's file, listing the sign-off's after each observation. A number of districts have adopted this approach, which they have found to be very efficient.
  • Summative Rating Cut Scores: Over the summer, approximately 90 educators from all over the state (over half of which are current classroom teachers) worked for three days analyzing data and making substantive contributions to the summative rating scales. These educators examined anonymous teacher portfolios based on data from evaluation pilot districts to review results from SGOs, observation ratings, and SGP data (if applicable). The educators recommended the cut scores below, which the Department has chosen to adopt in full.

SY13-14 Summative Rating Cut Scores

Ineffective Partially Effective Effective Highly Effective
1.0 1.85 2.65 3.54.0

Summary Conference Resources:

  • Optional mSGP Teacher Summary Conference Form (Word | PDF)
    • Please note that mSGP scores and final summative ratings for teachers receiving mSGPs will be provided by the Department in January 2015. Therefore, these teachers should discuss the other components of evaluation at the summary conference but will not have the mSGP or final evaluation score at that time.

  • Optional non-mSGP Teacher Summary Conference Form (Word | PDF)

Calculate Your Rating 2013-14

This tool lets teachers determine a summative rating based on potential practice and student growth scores.  Official summative ratings are calculated by an educator's district/the Department, but this simulation tool can help educators get a sense of how the various components of an evaluation can affect a summative score.

Input a score for each component to calculate a summative rating.

Teachers with No mSGP

Component Score
Teacher Practice (85%)
SGO* (15%)

Teachers Receiving an mSGP

Component Score
Teacher Practice (55%)
SGO* (15%)
mSGP (30%)

*Average score when two SGOs used.