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School Finance

A4-1/A4-2 Tuition Calculation

Actual Cost Per Pupil Report (A4-1/ A4-2 forms)

Districts must complete the A41 and A42 forms and submit them to the state by January 13, 2017.
The general requirements for submission of the Actual Cost per Pupil Report (A4-1/A4-2 forms) are contained in the instructions.  In the past, a number of districts used the Microsoft Excel workbook used by the Department of Education to review A41-A4-2 worksheets and found it useful and efficient. This file is being shared with you under the following terms/circumstances:

  • This is an internal document that was developed as a tool to assist in the review of A4-1/A4-2 worksheets, not necessarily for the completion of A4-1/A4-2 worksheets. It is not all-inclusive and must be adapted to the individual needs of each district. Districts are responsible for all formulas and calculations.
  • Use of the workbook is not required; you may elect to use it if you find it is helpful.
  • The department is not promoting the use of Microsoft Excel.
No technical assistance will be available. However, general questions related to the completion of the A4-1/A4-2 worksheets can be directed to Heather Leary at 609-984-4945.
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838 kb Actual Cost per Pupil Report
a41-a42inst.doc 308 kb Instructions for Completing the Actual Cost per Pupil Report, A4-1 Regular Programs, A4-2 Categorical Programs - Special Education
a41-a42sug.doc 25 kb Suggestions For Using A4-1 / A4-2 Spreadsheet