2012-2013 Audit Summary Application

The following information is provided for independent school auditors. The manual and respective web-application will enable the auditors to prepare the Audit Summary Application (AUDSUM) which is required by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Again this year, the Audit Summary Application is being delivered as a web application. The software has been improved to allow independent school auditors the ability to edit their user profile and track each of their district’s certification status. The independent school auditor must certify the audsum data by using the electronic signature process, and the school district can review the audsum data online (read only access) and must also certify using the electronic signature process. Instructions for accessing and using the new audsum application are included in the manual below.

As a reminder, the data submitted on the audit summary application will be automatically downloaded into the 2014 - 2015 school district budget programs for the 2012-2013 actual columns. Therefore, the board secretaries/business administrators must thoroughly review all reports in the Audsum so they can attest to the accuracy of the data and electronically certify the audsum. If discrepancies in the 2012-2013 information are identified when the district receives the 2014-2015 budget program, corrections to these actual numbers can only be made through the correction and recertification of the audsum on-line. The audsum data should be completed and certified by both the independent school auditor and the school district no later than December 5, 2013.

Link to the new AUDSUM ON-LINE: http://homeroom.state.nj.us/ (Once on the NJDOE Homeroom, please click on the audsum link to access the new online system)

The following files make-up the technical documentation for the software. Download each and print them using the appropriate software.

  • Technical Manual (PDF | Word)
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE Google Chrome to open AUDSUM as it will cause loading errors when trying to open the revenue and expenditure grids (Error Type:LoadXML" and "Description:IncorrectXML) Please use Internet Explorer.
  • Audit Summary Worksheet (Excel)
  • CPA and School District Notification letter (PDF)