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General News
  01/04/2017   Proposed New Rule: Debt Refunding's without LFB Approval
  09/12/2016   Proposed New Rule: N.J.A.C. 5:35-2.1 Local Government Ethics Law
  09/23/2016   2017 Authority Budget Submission
Conferences and Meetings
  01/07/2017   Orientation for Municipal Officials: Newly Elected and Experienced
  01/19/2017   Webinar on Brownfield Funding Sources
  02/22/2017   Development Program "OPRA In Depth: OPRA and the Common Law"
  02/24/2017   Webinar: "A Quick Review of Budget and Audit Updates"
  03/01/2017   Seminar: Budget, Ethics, Best Practices and Procurement
  03/04/2017   Seminar: Budgeting for the Elected Official
Fire Districts
  10/18/2016   Fire District Elections
Finance News
  01/09/2017   State Library Per Capita Aid (PCSA) Application
  10/25/2016   CY 2017 Municipal and County Budget Cap Information
  09/23/2016   CY2016/SFY2017 Municipal Best Practices
  08/04/2016   CY 2016/SFY 2017 State Aid Recapitulation and Payment Schedules
Municipal Clerk
  01/04/2017   2017 Mayor Contact Information (MCL Update)
  09/23/2016   CY2016/SFY2017 Municipal Best Practices
  09/01/2016   2016 Financial Disclosure Statement Reminder
  05/09/2016   Shared Services: REVISED Cover Sheet
Procurement News
  12/14/2016   Update on Recent Procurement-Related Laws
  12/14/2016   Pay-to-Play: Updated Treasurer Directive on Emergency Procurement
Tax Collector
  08/10/2016   Toll-Free Number Change

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Updated: 01/09/2017