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Tax Collector

08/10/2016   Toll-Free Number Change
05/23/2016   Filing Deadline Extension for 2015 Senior Freeze (PTR) Applications
05/12/2016   Applying Payments toward Delinquencies

Toll-Free Number Change - 08/10/2016

The Division of Taxation has DISCONTINUED using the toll-free phone number (888) 213-8623 for the Homestead Benefit (Tenant) Program. Tax Collectors have been advised to check their municipal website and any printed handouts and remove all references to that number. Questions from taxpayers pertaining to the Homestead Benefit Program should be directed to (888) 238-1233 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding State holidays.

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Filing Deadline Extension for 2015 Senior Freeze (PTR) Applications - 05/23/2016

The Division of Taxation has extended the filing deadline for 2015 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications to October 17, 2016. Members of the public who need assistance should be referred to the Property Tax Reimbursement Hotline (800) 882-6597. 

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Applying Payments toward Delinquencies - 05/12/2016

Local Finance Notice 2016-09 formalizes long-established DLGS guidance on applying payments toward delinquent property taxes and municipal charges.  The Notice states that when a taxpayer makes payment toward a delinquency, the payment must first be applied to interest.  Once all accrued interest is extinguished, any remaining payment shall be applied toward principal starting from oldest delinquency forward.  Recent legislation pertaining to cancelling delinquent municipal charges and fees under ten dollars is also discussed.

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Updated: 08/10/2016