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Tax Collector

07/26/2017   Electronic Tax Sale Pilot Program Applications
06/12/2017   2016 PTR Application: Filing Deadline Extension
05/03/2017   2017 Revenue Sharing Forms
03/20/2017   Processing Homestead Benefit Tax Credits
02/23/2017   2016 Delinquent Tax Letter
08/10/2016   Toll-Free Number Change

Electronic Tax Sale Pilot Program Applications - 07/26/2017

Pending the outcome of proposed regulations for online tax sales, the Division of Local Government Services will not be approving applications to conduct online tax sales under the Electronic Tax Sale Pilot Program on dates beyond December 31, 2017.  The Director reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary.  The rule proposal can be found online.  Comments shall be submitted by August 18, 2017 as directed in the Notice. 

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2016 PTR Application: Filing Deadline Extension - 06/12/2017

The deadline for residents to file their 2016 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications has been extended to October 18, 2017. The original deadline was June 1, 2017. Reimbursement checks for eligible senior and disabled residents who filed their applications by the original June 1 deadline are scheduled to be mailed in mid-July. Members of the public who need assistance should be referred to the Property Tax Reimbursement Hotline (800) 882-6597.

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2017 Revenue Sharing Forms - 05/03/2017

Forms for the certification of property tax deductions and veteran deductions are now available in the Tax Collector Document Library. The forms and letters should be opened and printed. Collectors should mail the completed paper forms with original signatures to their County Board of Taxation. The Boards, in turn, shall mail hard copies to the Division of Taxation. THESE REPORTS ARE DUE TO THE COUNTY BOARDS OF TAXATION BY JUNE 5, 2017. For QUESTIONS or ASSISTANCE with the forms, please contact Jessica Larned at (609) 943-4399.

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Processing Homestead Benefit Tax Credits - 03/20/2017

Municipalities should start processing and mailing 2nd quarter 2017 adjusted tax bills for recipients of 2014 Homestead Benefit Credits. Tax collection vendors have received the files for their review and distribution. Please contact them to proceed with this process. Tax Collectors can login to their myNJ / GovConnect account and access a (PDF) verification form named "2017 Homestead Benefit Credits" that is posted in the Tax Collector Document Library. The information on the PDF should be reconciled to the information received from the vendor to ensure that all the eligible properties are correctly credited. With the release of the homestead benefit adjusted tax bills, collectors are reminded that homestead credits that have been applied to properties for the second (May 2017) quarter are not to be transferred or otherwise altered due to change in homeownership. It has been determined that the Homestead Benefit Credit information can be treated as public information, once adjusted tax bills are produced. This means that normal business rules and public records policies apply. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Turin at 609-292-6858 or or Margaret Saharic at 609-984-4185 or   

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2016 Delinquent Tax Letter - 02/23/2017

Municipal Tax Collectors have been sent a memo regarding the Homestead Property Tax Credit Act that requires them to provide the Division of Taxation with a list of property taxpayers in their district who are delinquent in the payment of their property taxes for the preceding year. (N.J.S.A. 54:4-8.64) THIS LIST MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN June 1, 2017. For any QUESTIONS regarding the submission of your delinquency list, please contact the Division's Homestead Benefit Program Analyst, Amy Martin, at (609) 292-8383 or

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Toll-Free Number Change - 08/10/2016

The Division of Taxation has DISCONTINUED using the toll-free phone number (888) 213-8623 for the Homestead Benefit (Tenant) Program. Tax Collectors have been advised to check their municipal website and any printed handouts and remove all references to that number. Questions from taxpayers pertaining to the Homestead Benefit Program should be directed to (888) 238-1233 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding State holidays.

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Updated: 07/26/2017