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02/28/2013   CY2013/SFY2014 Certification of State Aid
02/15/2013   State Fiscal Year Municipalities - Best Practices Checklist
02/15/2013   CY2013 Municipal Levy Cap Referendum Procedures
02/01/2013   Community Disaster Loan Program

CY2013/SFY2014 Certification of State Aid - 02/28/2013

On February 26, 2013, Governor Christie presented his proposed FY 2014 budget to the State Legislature.  The budget proposal maintains aid support at its current level. No municipality will receive less State formula aid in support of its CY 2013 or FY 2014 budget than it received in support of their prior year budget.  You are encouraged to thoroughly review Local Finance Notice 2013-11.  The CY 2013/SFY 2014 Aid Certification for each municipality can be found on the Division's website.  Local officials must obtain their certifications from the web site as they are not mailed.  The certifications show aid allocations for each municipality and are used in preparing the revenue section of CY 2013 budgets. A full spreadsheet of CY 2013 and SFY 2014 budgeted allocations is also on the web site.  While the proposed budget can serve as a guide to SFY municipalities, final SFY certifications are posted once the final budget is adopted in June.

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State Fiscal Year Municipalities - Best Practices Checklist - 02/15/2013

Municipalities on a State Fiscal Year budget cycle must return their completed Best Practices Inventory to DLGS by April 1, 2013.  The CY2012/SFY2013 Best Practices Inventory may be found on the DLGS website.  Local Finance Notice 2012-18 features instructions as well as the separate certification of governing body review that must be filed by municipal clerks. Completion and filing instructions are included in an Appendix to this Local Finance Notice. The Best Practices Initiative was authorized through the Fiscal Year 2013 State Budget to determine how much of each municipality's final 5% allocation of CMPTRA and ETR aid will be disbursed.  For questions, please send an email to with the subject heading "Best Practices Checklist" or call 609-292-6110.    

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CY2013 Municipal Levy Cap Referendum Procedures - 02/15/2013

For municipal officials considering a referendum to exceed either the 2% levy cap or the 2% appropriations cap, Local Finance Notice 2013-09 provides specific instruction and direction to those municipalities operating on a calendar year.  If municipal officials are considering a levy cap referendum, this Notice should be reviewed immediately by those involved in budget preparation or elections.  

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Community Disaster Loan Program - 02/01/2013

Local Finance Notice 2013-08 explains the "Community Disaster Loan Program" which is administered through FEMA.  This federal program can provide revenue in support of local budgets experiencing or expected to experience significant revenue losses (greater than 5%) attributable to Superstorm Sandy.  Federal assistance through the program can be included in local government budgets to maintain essential services while revenue sources are rebuilt.  Any county, municipality, authority or fire district interested in applying for a Community Disaster Loan must first notify the Division of Local Government Services by sending an email to

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