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Finance News

05/12/2016   Applying Payments toward Delinquencies
02/29/2016   CY 2016/SFY 2017 State Aid Certification
02/10/2016   2016 CY Transitional Aid Application
01/26/2016   CY 2016 Municipal Levy Cap Referendum Procedures
01/13/2016   State Library Per Capita Aid (PCSA) Application
01/05/2016   Reminder: UCC Annual Report
01/04/2016   CY2016 Budget Matters

Applying Payments toward Delinquencies - 05/12/2016

Local Finance Notice 2016-09 formalizes long-established DLGS guidance on applying payments toward delinquent property taxes and municipal charges.  The Notice states that when a taxpayer makes payment toward a delinquency, the payment must first be applied to interest.  Once all accrued interest is extinguished, any remaining payment shall be applied toward principal starting from oldest delinquency forward.  Recent legislation pertaining to cancelling delinquent municipal charges and fees under ten dollars is also discussed.

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CY 2016/SFY 2017 State Aid Certification - 02/29/2016

Local Finance Notice 2016-05 provides important information regarding CY 2016/SFY 2017 State Aid Certification. On February 16, 2016, Governor Chris Christie presented his proposed FY 2017 budget to the State Legislature. No municipality will receive less total State formula aid in support of its CY 2016 or FY 2017 budget than it received in support of their prior year budget. The CY 2016/SFY 2017 Aid Certification for each municipality has been posted on the Division's website under the Information Resources/Municipal State Aid heading.  Local officials must obtain their certifications from the website; they are not mailed.

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2016 CY Transitional Aid Application - 02/10/2016

The Division has posted Local Finance Notice 2016-04 concerning the 2016 Transitional Aid Application Process for CALENDAR YEAR municipalities.  This aid is only available to address financially distressed communities that have reached a point that without aid they will be unable to pay debt service or the costs of essential services.  Aid comes with significant conditions including, but not limited to:  the requirement to adopt a strict pay-to-play ordinance; the elimination of health care for all officers and employees other than those with full time status; a ban on certain travel and other discretionary costs; requirements to obtains State approvals for hires as well as for certain contracts and initiatives; and the imposition of a State Fiscal Monitor. Calendar Year municipalities intending to apply for Transitional Aid should carefully review LFN 2016-04 and the CY 2016 Application as soon as possible due to pertinent deadlines and be prepared to accept conditions immediately upon application due date. Please note that this application is for CALENDAR YEAR municipalities only.  The application for fiscal year municipalities will be available later in the year.

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CY 2016 Municipal Levy Cap Referendum Procedures - 01/26/2016

Local Finance Notice 2016-01 provides specific instruction and direction to municipalities operating on a calendar fiscal year considering holding a public referendum to exceed either the Two (2) percent municipal property tax levy cap pursuant to N.J.S.A.40A:4-45.45 or Zero (0) percent appropriation cap pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:4-45.3. If municipal officials are considering a levy cap referendum, this Notice should be reviewed immediately by those involved in budget preparation and elections.

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State Library Per Capita Aid (PCSA) Application - 01/13/2016

The Application for State Library Aid (Per Capita) is now available on the State Library's website under the heading "Data Year 2015".  The due date for submission of the Application is March 15, 2016. For questions, please call 609-278-2640 ext. 192 or email  

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Reminder: UCC Annual Report - 01/05/2016

This is a courtesy reminder to all municipalities that budget according to the Calendar Year. The NJ Uniform Construction Code Regulations - NJAC 5:23-4.17 (b) require that municipalities file a report that accurately portrays the receipts and expenses of the local enforcing agency for code enforcement purposes. The UCC Annual Report fulfills this requirement, and serves as a basis of changes (if any) in the UCC fee ordinance and staffing needs for the next year. The UCC form must be submitted to the Department of Community Affairs NO LATER THAN February 10, 2016. For QUESTIONS or ASSISTANCE, please e-mail the Office of Regulatory Affairs at

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CY2016 Budget Matters - 01/04/2016

Local Finance Notice 2015-27 contains important updated information on the CY 2016 budget process, including a moderate extension of budget introduction and adoption deadlines, a discussion of newly enacted legislation affecting the budget process, and updates to the municipal user-friendly budget form.  All Business Administrators and CFOs should review this Notice carefully and share it with appropriate officers who participate in the budget planning process.  The updated CY2016 municipal user-friendly budget form is available online.

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