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Procurement News

10/20/2014   Changes to Qualified Purchasing Agent Certification and Renewal
07/22/2014   Local Public Contracts Law Reference Manual
06/11/2014   Notice of Professional Service Award Requirements

Changes to Qualified Purchasing Agent Certification and Renewal - 10/20/2014

As of October 20, 2014, several amendments to the Qualified Purchasing Agent (QPA) go into effect.  These changes pertain to the subject area of Environmentally Preferable ("Green") Procurement, requirements for applicants for the QPA certification after June 30, 2015, and the continuing education and certification renewal requirements.  Please review Local Finance Notice 2014-17 for detailed information on the new rules and how they affect QPA candidates and certificate holders.  A revised QPA renewal application is available on the Division's website.  Any questions in regard to the amended rules may be directed to the Division's Certification Unit at (609) 292-9757, or by email to

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Local Public Contracts Law Reference Manual - 07/22/2014

The Bloustein Local Government Research Center has assisted the Division of Local Government Services in preparing a new reference manual for local purchasing officials.  This new manual includes the current text of the Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:11), LPCL Rules (N.J.A.C. 5:34), and a reference section that lists procurement-related Local Finance Notices and other guidance documents.  It provides a wealth of procurement legal requirements and guidance documents in one place.  The N.J. Local Public Contracts Law and Regulation Reference Manual is posted under Statutory References on the Division's LPCL webpage.  

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Notice of Professional Service Award Requirements - 06/11/2014

Local units are reminded that NJSA 40A:11-5 (a)(i) states that for professional service awards as an exemption in the LPCL, "The governing body shall in each instance state supporting reasons for its action in the resolution awarding each contract and shall forthwith cause to be printed once, in the official newspaper, a brief notice stating the nature, duration, service and amount of the contract, and that the resolution and contract are on file and available for public inspection in the office of the clerk of the county or municipality, or in the case of a contracting unit created by more than one county or municipality, of the counties or municipalities creating such contracting unit."  It has come to the attention of the Division that certain local units have been deficient in meeting these notice requirements.  Please ensure that any advertisements provide the nature of the contract, the duration of said contract, and a not to exceed amount which the finance officer will have certified.  Compliance with these requirements may be included on the Best Practices Checklist for 2014.  Failure to abide by the notice requirements could, depending on other Best Practices answers, result in a loss of municipal aid consistent with the best Practices Program.

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