Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Laboratory

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Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Laboratory

Meet the Team

The insect rearing at PABIL is carried out by an extremely committed team.

Looking to connect with one of our Project Managers? Find their contact information and projects below. 

Marcello Mangano- Laboratory Director

Dr. Alexandra Gillett- Research Scientist 
Projects include: Mexican bean beetle/Pediobius foveolatus, Tarnished plant bug, Black swallowwort/Hypena opulenta, Spotted wing drosophila/Ganaspis brasiliensis

Cynthia Detweiler-Hill- Entomologist 
Projects include: Mile-a-minute/Rhinoncomimus latipes, Japanese knotweed/Aphalara itadori

Wayne Hudson- Field Entomologist 
Projects include: Field Operations

Angela Lovero- Entomologist 
Projects include: Brown marmorated stink bug/Trissolcus japonicus, Spotted lanternfly, Spotted wing drosophila/Ganaspis brasiliensis 

For general inquiries, contact us at (609)-530-4192. 

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