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Fact sheets and other information for landowners and preservation partners on key aspects of farmland preservation and the application process.

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Annual Reports

FY2017 SADC Annual Report

FY2016 SADC Annual Report

FY2015 SADC Annual Report

2013 SADC Annual Report

2012 SADC Annual Report


     Farms Preserved by Program

     Year-End Totals for Pinelands, Highlands, Statewide by County

2008 SADC Annual Report

2007 SADC Annual Report

2006 SADC Annual Report

Report of N.J. State Transfer of Development Rights Board (June 2007) 


CERES -- A newsletter for owners of preserved farmland in New Jersey

February 2017

New Jersey Farmland Preservation Connections

February 2014

March 2012
July 2011

April 2011

Farmland Preservation News

Winter 2007

Summer 2005

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Right to Farm

Right to Farm Guidebook (August 2016)

Right to Farm Fact Sheet (November 2015)

Farmer-to-Farmer Advice for Avoiding Conflicts With Neighbors and Towns (February 2008)

What Is the Municipal Role in Farm Regulation? (New Jersey Municipalities, January 2006)

Right to Farm Act Resolves Disputes in Most Densely Populated State (New Jersey Law Journal, May 30, 2005)

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Agricultural Mediation

Agricultural Mediation Fact Sheet (October 2015)

New Jersey Agricultural Mediation Program Handbook (March 2014)

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Farm Viability

Leasing Farmland in New Jersey: A Guide for Landowners and Farmers (June 2013)

Landowner Worksheet - Planning for a Lease (August 2014)

Farmer Worksheet - Planning for a Lease (August 2014)

Transferring the Family Farm: What Worked, What Didn’t, for 10 New Jersey Families (Booklet, December 2004)

Helping Farmers Access Farmland: New Jersey's New Land Link Website, Journal of Extension article (December 2015)

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New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Additional publications from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture