The Farm Link Program serves as a resource and referral center for farmers and landowners. Beginning and established farmers who are seeking access to land and farming opportunities, and landowners who have farmland and business opportunities available, can use the linking service to connect with one another. Farmers and landowners can also use the program’s resource pages to find more information on getting started in farming, leasing farmland, finding farmers/landowners, and developing farm transfer and succession plans.

Online linking service

The program’s linking service is now available at Please visit this new, interactive website to search the listings of farming opportunities sought/available and to connect with other farmers and landowners. Looking for land to farm? Have land available and looking for a farmer? Search the listings at the new site, and create a listing for yourself. The new site was developed in collaboration with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA-NJ) and the Rutgers Office of Research Analytics, through a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Resource pages

The program has several resource pages to help farmers and landowners find information related to becoming a farmer, seeking access to land, creating farmland leases, finding farmers for your land, and planning for farm transfers and succession. Click the resources page link to learn more.

Land Access Workshops for Beginning Farmers

The SADC, in collaboration with the American Farmland Trust, is offering land access workshops for beginning farmers. Visit the project page for more information and to register for the second workshop, Leasing and Purchasing Land, to be held on February 28, 2019.

Serving farmers and landowners

The Farm Link Program provides support for all farmers, both new and established, and farm owners. The online linking service and resource pages may be helpful in particular for the following groups:

  • New farmers looking for opportunities to gain experience
  • New farmers looking for land to get started
  • Established farmers looking for land to expand
  • Farm owners looking to lease, sell, or make land available for farming
  • Retiring farmers who would like to ensure their land stays in agricultural production but have no family members who want to continue to farm
  • Farmers looking to hire farm managers, fill apprenticeship positions, or mentor a new farmer
  • Nonprofits, municipalities, and counties looking for farmers for farmland they own or manage
  • Farmers and landowners working on farm transfer plans
For more information

For more information on Farm Link, contact the State Agriculture Development Committee at (609) 984-2504 or

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