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Land Access Workshop for Beginning Farmers - February 28, 2019

The SADC, in collaboration with the American Farmland Trust, is offering land access workshops for beginning farmers. The next workshop (2/28/19) will focus on Leasing and Purchasing Land. The previous workshop (10/25/18) focused on Assessing Your Financial Readiness to Access Land. Future workshops may focus on finding land, conducting a good land assessment, or other topics. Visit the project page to learn more about the workshops and resources, including:

  • Introductory Video on Land Access in New Jersey
  • Personal and Business Goals worksheet
  • Land Tenure Readiness worksheet
  • Financial Documents Checklist

SADC and NOFA-NJ Beginning Farmer Project

The SADC, in collaboration with NOFA-NJ, worked on a project to support beginning farmers in New Jersey. The SADC's role in the project involved enhancing leasing and linking resources for landowners and farmers. Visit the project page to learn more about the project and the resources developed, including:

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