Appraisals are performed to determine property and easement values for the farmland preservation program.

The State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) approves State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers (SCGREA) to perform these appraisals based on the following:

The SADC only accepts appraisals from the agency’s approved appraisers for projects in which SADC approval and funding are sought:

SADC Approved Appraisers are required to follow:

  • Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)
  • New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program Appraisal Handbook
  • Transfer of Development Rights Program appraisal guidelines

Please note:   Any agency using our list should confirm that the appraiser has proper professional insurance coverage and meets all other specific requirements of the agency.

The SADC also periodically contracts with appraisers to serve as SADC review appraisers:

Looking to become an SADC Approved Appraiser? 

  • SADC approves individual appraisers (not firms).
  • If you or someone you know would like to become an approved appraiser and meets the Appraiser Selection Rule (N.J.A.C. 2:76-6.21), please contact SADC Appraisal Review Staff to apply.
  • For more information on the farmland preservation appraisal process, contact the State Agriculture Development Committee at (609) 984-2504.

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Appraisal Guidelines

2024 Appraisal Handbook – as adopted

Appraisal Handbook Checklist

Appraisal Order Checklist


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Appraisal Videos

2024 Webinar (Full Video)     See Helpful Tools for direct links to sections of the webinar

2023 Appraisers' Conference

2022 Appraisers' Conference

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Helpful Tools

Bring GeoWeb boundaries into the Web Soil Survey:

NJ GeoWeb

NJ Conservation Blueprint 

Web Soil Survey

NJ Flood Mapper

NJ Land Link – Listings of farms for sale

Land and Farm – Listings of farms for sale

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NJ Pinelands

NJ Pinelands Commission

Pinelands Interactive Map

PDC Bank

Pinelands Onsite Development Worksheet


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NJ Highlands

NJ Highlands Council

Highlands Interactive Map

Transfer of Development Rights Program - Appraisal Guidelines

Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act Outline

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Agricultural Land Easement (ALE)

These are lands that have been preserved with a certain percentage of federal funding.  The ALE requirements are more stringent than the typical farmland preservation easement.  Therefore, the appraisers should consider if a property rights adjustment is necessary for the additional restrictions.  The following is a guidance document that explains the program, as well as a comparison chart between farms with ALE funding and those without.  The above list of SADC preserved farms has a column at the end that indicates if the farm was preserved with ALE funding, to determine if an adjustment is necessary to the comparable sale.

ALE Guidance Document

ALE Comparison Chart

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Templates for Appraisers

Adjustment Grid for Unrestricted “Before” Sales

Adjustment Grid for Restricted “After” Sales

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Farmland Sales Data

The SADC is providing lists of sales of unrestricted (Before) and restricted (After) farms for the benefit of real estate appraisersThese comparable sales are taken from real estate appraisals that we have reviewed for farmland preservation applications in New JerseyThe SADC has not confirmed these transactions, and we take no responsibility for their accuracyThe sale price is reflective of the deed; therefore, the sale price and per acre rates include improvement value.   


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List of SADC Preserved Farms

The SADC is providing a list of all its preserved farms since the program’s inception in 1983.  This is not a list of recent sales.  This report has been developed using the SADC’s main database and designed as a tool to assist the appraisers in checking the preservation status of recent sales or other farms as well as insight to specific farm characteristics, such as soils, exceptions and dwelling opportunities, tillable acreage, etc.  The block and lot numbers are included for confirmation.  Some farms may be preserved by other means so never assume these are the only preserved farms.  The report is sorted alphabetically by county, then by municipality, then by applicant.   

The data in this report has been compiled over many years and there can be data missing, incorrect, etc.  For example, the soils percentages are based on net acres, not gross, which may create issues in the cases with large exception areas.  There may be cases where there has been more than one deed of easement recorded, but only one deed was picked up in the report.  Likewise, some may be located in more than one municipality.  We encourage the appraisers to pull the deed(s) of easement for more accurate information.  The SADC takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this report.  All data should be confirmed in the appraiser’s own due diligence.   This is being provided as an additional resource and courtesy to the appraisers. 

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SADC Appraisal Review Staff

Richard Martin
(609) 913-6570

Jolyn Czerniecki
(609) 913-6586


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