The State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) certifies licensed real estate appraisers to do the special work of appraising farmland and determining the value of development easements.

Only appraisals conducted by approved appraisers will be accepted by the SADC for farmland preservation projects seeking SADC approval and funding. In selecting appraisers, the SADC follows specific Appraiser Selection Guidelines.

The SADC also periodically contracts with appraisers to serve as SADC review appraisers. For a list of appraisers currently under contract to serve as review appraisers, click here.

When completing appraisals, appraisers use the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program Appraiser's Handbook. Appraisers also follow the appraisal guidelines established for the Transfer of Development Rights Program.

For more information on the farmland appraisal process, contact the State Agriculture Development Committee at (609) 984-2504.


Appraiser Selection and Retention Guidelines (PDF)

Approved Appraisers (PDF)

Review Appraisers (PDF)

Appraisal Resources


Appraisal Guidelines

2017 Appraiser Handbook -as adopted (PDF)

2020 Appraisal Order Checklist (WORD)  (PDF)



Templates for Appraisers

Adjustment Grid for Unrestricted “Before” Sales (EXCEL)

Adjustment Grid for Restricted “After” Sales (EXCEL)



Other Guidelines

Pinelands Appraiser Handbook Supplement (PDF)

Pinelands Onsite Development Worksheet (PDF)

Transfer of Development Rights Program - Appraisal Guidelines (PDF)

Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act Outline (PDF)




Farmland Sales Data

The SADC is providing unrestricted (Before) and restricted (After) farm sales for the benefit of real estate appraisers.  These comparable sales are taken from real estate appraisals that we have reviewed for farmland preservation applications in New Jersey.  The SADC has not confirmed these transactions, and we take no responsibility for their accuracy.  However, they could be important comparable sale leads with confirmation of the details including the soils, wetlands, tillable percentages, etc.  With the most recent transactions, we have listed the gross sales price and the per-acre rates.  The per acre rates are based on the gross sale price, so they often include improvements.  Individual appraisers can estimate the contributory value of the improvements to ascertain the land per acre rates. 

Unrestricted “Before” Farm Sales (PDF)

Restricted “After” Farm Sales (PDF)


Instructions for Helpful Websites

NJ Conservation Blueprint Instructions (PDFNote:  NJ Conservation Blueprint works best in the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  It does not work in


Web Soil Survey Instructions (PDF)