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Investigation of Waste at Mercer County Finance Department

Mercer County paid nearly $4.5 million in fines and interest for delinquent taxes, investigation finds

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A Performance Audit of Employee Benefits: City of Brigantine

OSC's audit found Brigantine could have saved as much as $191,000 in healthcare benefit costs.

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Eighth Periodic Review on Law Enforcement Professional Standards

OSC’s latest review examined the New Jersey State Police Training Bureau, a unit that plays a critical role in NJSP’s efforts to maintain non-discriminatory practices.

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Report on Unlawful Sick Leave Payouts in New Jersey Towns

Read OSC's report that found the vast majority of 60 surveyed towns allow hefty sick leave payouts that violate state law. 

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Examining One-Star Nursing Homes Funded by NJ Medicaid

15 nursing homes in New Jersey have been repeatedly rated one star — the lowest possible rating. Yet these facilities — which are overwhelmingly owned by for-profit companies — continue to receive an average of $100 million from Medicaid each year. OSC examined the one-star facilities where 2,000 New Jerseyans live and recommends ways to improve the care residents receive.

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Investigative Report on Improper Participation in the State's Pension System

Read OSC's investigative report on the Division of Pensions and Benefits' oversight of improper participation in the State's pension system.

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Audit of Truetox Laboratories, LLC

OSC's audit finds that Truetox overcharged New Jersey's Medicaid program by more than $24 million. Truetox charged $3 per test when Medicaid was not paying, but charged Medicaid many times more – all for processing the same drug tests.

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Borough of Palisades Park Investigation

A new investigation from the Office of the State Comptroller report reveals Palisades Park gave sick leave payouts to employees for years, in violation of state law. OSC’s investigation uncovered widespread financial mismanagement, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds in the Borough.

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Top Resources

Top Resources

COVID-19 Oversight

State and Local Government Resources

OSC provides technical assistance, resources, and training to state and local government units who received federal COVID-19 funds.

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Public Transparency

OSC closely tracks federal COVID-19 recovery funds, reviews COVID-19 contracts, and oversees the independent monitors appointed to protect federal funds from fraud, waste, and abuse.

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In the News

Mercer County Paid Nearly $4.5 Million in Fines and Interest for Delinquent Taxes, Investigation Finds

An Office of the State Comptroller investigation reveals Mercer County regularly failed to make timely and sufficient payroll tax payments.

Brigantine Could Have Saved as Much as $191,000 in Healthcare Benefit Costs in One Year, Audit Finds

OSC audited the employee benefits of the City of Brigantine.

OSC Finds Certain New Jersey State Police Training Practices Inconsistent With Requirements of Federal Consent Decree

OSC’s eighth review of the New Jersey State Police examined the Training Bureau’s practices and policies, including instructor selection and course instruction.

OSC Releases Updated List of Lowest Performing Nursing Homes

Following OSC’s recommendation, NJ Department of Human Services has begun withholding quality incentive payments to one-star facilities.

NJ Comptroller Blog

3 Ways Local Governments Waste Money on Health Benefits

Many local governments spend too much on health benefits for employees. Kevin Walsh, Acting State Comptroller, explains how to stop three wasteful practices.

A Year of Impact: Highlights from 2022

Read this infographic for an overview of the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller’s accomplishments in 2022.

What Is a Performance Audit?

A performance audit is different from a financial audit. Learn how. 

Register Now: Guidance for Avoiding Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Guidance for Avoiding Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: A presentation for New Jersey Intensive In-Community Providers


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