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These materials can be downloaded or ordered through DCF Publications.

When a Baby Cries (Shaken Baby Syndrome)

When a Baby Cries  (Shaken Baby Syndrome) - Campaign warns parents/caregivers to never shake a baby because it can cause serious brain injury, specifically bleeding inside of the infant's brain.

Baby Safe Sleep

Baby Safe Sleep - Campaign provides tips for parents on how to safely put the baby to sleep and mentions things a parent or caregiver should not do.

Not Even for a Second

Not Even for a Second - This campaign warns of the dangers of leaving children unattended around water and gives tips about how you can keep children safe.

Not Even for a Minute

Not Even for a Minute - This campaign warns that leaving children in a car, even for a short time, can result in abduction, dehydration, injury or death.

Summer Safety for Kids and Families

Summer Safety - Campaign gives tips and reminders for parents and caregivers for the summer season. Includes information on pool and water safety, reminders to never leave children unattended in a car, and other safety tips.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven  (Anonymous Drop-off for Unwanted Infants) - In New Jersey, the Safe Haven Infant Protection Act, is a new law that allows an individual to give up an unwanted infant with no fear of arrest or prosecution. No names or records are required. The parents-or someone acting on their behalf-can bring a baby less than 30 days old to any hospital emergency room or police station. The Division of Youth and Family Services will immediately take the child into custody and place the infant in a foster or pre-adoptive home. No shame. No blame. No names.

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