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In 1974, the New Jersey Division on Women (DOW) was established as a pioneering state agency for women's advocacy throughout the state.

DOW's mission is to create, promote and expand the rights and opportunities for all women in the State of New Jersey. The Division supports the development, coordination and evaluation of programs and services for women and other constituents. 

DOW administers state and federal funding and oversees programming in the areas of domestic violence, sexual violence; cultural inclusion and accessibility; prevention; economic self-sufficiency and financial empowerment; and policy and assessment. It also collaborates with public and private entities on laws, policy, and program development.

See below for a full list of programs administered by DOW:

  • Address Confidentiality Program
  • Batterer Intervention Program
  • Culturally Specific Initiative
  • Displaced Homemaker Program
  • Domestic Violence Direct Services
  • Domestic Violence Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board
  • Domestic Violence Liaison Program
  • Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers
  • Peace: A Learned Solution (P.A.L.S.)
  • Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence
  • Rape Prevention Education (R.P.E.)
  • Safety and Accountability Assessments
  • Sexual Assault Direct Services
  • Violence Against Women Certificate Program