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Displaced Homemaker Program

The Displaced Homemaker Programs provide training and employment-related services for individuals who worked in the home for many years and through the death, disablement, or divorce of a spouse finds themselves as the primary source of household income.  Displaced Homemakers programs are designed to enhance employability and create new job opportunities. DOW administers 22 Displaced Homemaker (DH) programs in 21 counties throughout the state.  DOW also funds Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers (HWRCs) to provide similar services to Hispanic and Latina women. This funding is passed through the Latino Action Network to three (3) HWRCs.


  • Educational and vocational counseling, short term certificate/education funds, interest and aptitude testing, information on financial aid for education, job readiness training and computer training.
  • Resume writing, interviewing skills, referrals and job search assistance.
  • Life skills workshops in self-confidence and self-esteem, assertiveness, goal setting, career development, financial planning and the legal implications of separation and divorce.

Legislation: 52:27D-43.19 et seq.

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Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers Overview

DOW provides funding to the Latino Action Network to support four (4) Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers (HWRCs). The HWRCs are direct service programs that help enhance the workforce development skills and increase the employability of Hispanic women. The Centers and programs emphasize activities which provide training and other employment related services which are designed to enhance the employability and earnings of Hispanic women and impact on the quality of their lives and those of their families.


  • English language classes; education assistance; computer classes;
  • Resume writing, interviewing skills, referrals and job search assistance;
  • Career counseling, financial planning, child-care, immigration assistance and other supportive services.

Legislation:  52:27D-43.28  

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