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Tree Books

These tree resources published by NJ State Forest Service are New Jersey specific, so you can discover the forest in your own backyard!

Trees of New Jersey & the Mid-Atlantic States

Trees of New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic states is easy to use. 146 New Jersey native and non-native tree species are covered in the guide. The guide includes a glossary of terms, identification key, regional maps, forest facts, and contact information for statewide forestry and environmental education programs.

Seventh edition - 2017

116 pages

Shrubs & Vines of the New Jersey & the Mid Atlantic States

Shrubs and Vines of New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic region covers species of 77 shrubs and 9 vines. An identification key, forest facts, contact information for forestry programs, and info boxes are also included in the guide.

Second edition - 2007

114 pages

Best Management Practices Manual
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The New Jersey Forestry and Wetlands Best Management Practices Manual is a practical, comprehensive guide outlining the best methods for implementing forest management in the state. This manual provides information for foresters, landowners, and others involved in forestry-related activities about simple, practical methods that can be applied to help minimize the environmental impact of forestry operations.

NJ Forest Fever Interactive CD-ROM

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  • Manage and grow a virtual forest over 100 years
  • Balance social, economic, and environmental challenges in forestry
  • Identify and resolve current forestry issues
  • Discover tree products and forest benefits
  • Learn about forestry careers

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