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Utilization and Marketing of Wood Products

What is Utilization and Marketing?
Trees provide so many benefits, but every tree has a lifespan. When a storm, an insect attack, or simply old age brings a tree down, you can salvage the wood for another use.

The New Jersey Forest Service’s Utilization and Marketing program helps homeowners, woodland owners, municipal tree managers, and other private landowners get in touch with professionals that can use their logs or wood waste.

Wood is a renewable, recyclable, and reusable resource. From furniture and firewood to medicines and instruments, wood has hundreds of uses. However, if a tree sits too long and rots, its value will lessen or even be lost. So it’s important to call a forest industry professional as soon as possible after your tree comes down to capture its value.

Utilizing wood:

    Is Environmentally Conscious
  • Saves landfill space
  • Stores carbon
  • Provides an alternate fuel
  • Controls tree-killing insects and diseases
    Keeps People Safe
  • Reduces wildfire hazard
  • Reduces number of falling branches or trees
  • Lessens storm-damage to trees
    Stimulates Economy
  • Supports local jobs for sawmills and tree service
  • Provides a wood source for local artisans and businesses
  • Reduces the number of imported trees/lumber
  • Lowers tree maintenance costs
  • Lowers cost of storm cleanup

Get started with Forest Products Utilization and Marketing Program
Samantha Hensen, Assistant Regional Forester, Utilization and Marketing Coordinator
(609) 292-2532

Most homeowners have a single or a few trees that will need to go to utilization at a time. Homeowners should contact a tree service or a tree expert who specializes in tree maintenance or tree removal. Request a list of Certified Tree Experts from Remember to get quotes from three different vendors and to ask for references.

If you already have a Forest Management Plan:

  • Work with your consulting forester to edit your plan to include a section on utilization (utilization provides income for Farmland Assessment)
  • If you have ash trees, plan to utilize ash before an emerald ash borer infestation

If you need a Forest Management Plan contact:
Contact your Regional Forester or an Approved Forester.

If you already have a Community Forestry Management Plan:

  • Perform a tree inventory of location, size, quality, and tree species found in your municipality
  • Edit your plan to include a section on utilization
  • If you have ash trees, plan to utilize ash before an emerald ash borer infestation

If your community needs a Community Forestry Management Plan contact:
McDonald, Brian
Phone Number (609) 726-1621

The State Forest Service’s Utilization and Marketing program supports New Jersey's forest product industry by finding markets for wood, creating connections between wood utilizers and the material, and providing assistance to create and maintain markets.

Forest industry professionals, please contact U&M Coordinator if your business serves New Jersey in wood utilization and would like to be added to our list of providers. You will also be added to our mailing list for updates on networking opportunities, field meetings with loggers and sawmill owners and operators, timber sales, forest industry meetings, and requests to assist with Farmland assessments.