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Nominating a Big Tree

Most New Jersey big trees are nominated by big tree owners. This means that the big tree is located somewhere on the owner’s property. Then there are individuals, referred to as big tree enthusiasts, that find big trees throughout the state of New Jersey that are not owned by them.

To nominate big trees and submit them for review to the Big Tree Coordinator with the New Jersey Forest Service, individuals must complete a nomination form and a right of access agreement form.

Big trees have been found throughout the state of New Jersey and sometimes they wind up becoming the largest in the state or nation. First, check out the NJ Official Big Tree Registry and compare your tree to the current champion to identify whether or not you have the next champion. Next, nominate the tree. Finally, a forester or other NJFS staff member will review your nomination to determine its big tree ranking and champion potential and will request and conduct a site visit to officially measure the tree(s). Please have patience, big and heritage trees are measured in the order their nominations are received and each season the number of nominations are considerable while our staff is limited. BIG TREE HUNT



Nomination Submission
Please fill out the nomination form and mail or fax to:

Joseph C. Bennett
Big and Heritage Tree Coordinator
Big Tree Nomination
NJ Forestry Service
495 Don Connor Blvd
Jackson, NJ 08257
Fax # 609-984-0378