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Underground Storage Tanks (UST) 1998 Tank Upgrade Requirements

Important Notice to Underground Storage Tank Owners & Operators

Regulations governing the operation and maintenance of underground storage tanks in New Jersey require any person who owns or operates a regulated underground storage tank system to meet the standards for the construction, installation, and operation of new and existing underground storage tanks, including monitoring, release detection, corrosion protection, spill prevention and overfill protection.

These requirements are not new, as underground storage tank owners and operators have had 10 years to comply. The details of these requirements were provided to all registered UST owners in two separate mass mailings in 1996 and in January 1998. In addition, Governor Whitman signed legislation in August 1997 which provides loans and grants to municipalities and those UST owners and operators considered to be in financial hardship.

December 22, 1998 is the deadline by which all applicable underground storage tank systems must either upgrade their existing systems with spill, overfill, and corrosion protection, or close or replace the existing system. An owner or operator who has not complied with one of these options by the December deadline is in violation of N.J.A.C 7:14B and subject to the penalty provisions provided therein.