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Choma’s Amoco Service Station

45 Monroe Street
Garfield City, Bergen County
PI #: 024762

Community Relations Coordinator: Heather Swartz (609) 984-7135

As of 30 March 2005

This site consists of a former gasoline service station located at 45 Monroe Street and a nearby vacant 13-unit apartment building located at 44 Grand Street. In March 1993 local fire officials evacuated the apartment building after heavy gasoline odors were detected in the basement. NJDEP installed a ventilation system at the building to reduce the possibilities of fire and explosion and installed a soil vapor extraction system to remove gasoline contamination from the soil adjacent to the building; however, the building was kept unoccupied as a safety precaution.

Based on a preliminary investigation of the area, NJDEP determined that a leaking underground storage tank had contaminated the subsurface soil and ground water at the Choma’s Amoco Service Station, and that gasoline from the site had migrated to the apartment building, which was located downgradient of the service station. The service station owners removed the leaking tank in August 1993 but did not address the contaminated soil. Subsequent sampling of the soil and ground water showed high levels of gasoline-related compounds. In 1995 the service station owners informed NJDEP that they were unable to conduct any additional investigative or cleanup work at their site. The service station owners subsequently removed all of the remaining underground storage tanks and converted the property into an auto repair facility.

In 1999 BP-Amoco, a former gasoline supplier for Choma’s Amoco, entered into an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) with NJDEP in which it agreed to investigate the site and take appropriate remedial actions. In addition, BP-Amoco purchased the apartment building, which remains vacant. BP-Amoco is currently conducting a Remedial Investigation/Remedial Action Selection (RI/RAS) to delineate the gasoline-contamination in the soil and ground water and evaluate remedial alternatives. As part of the RI/RAS, BP-Amoco is also testing indoor air at several neighboring residential and commercial properties for gasoline vapors. NJDEP expects BP-Amoco to complete the RI/RAS and submit proposals to address the soil and ground water contamination at on-site and off-site properties in early 2005.


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