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Prices Landfill 1

Mill Road
Pleasantville City & Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County
PI #: 130532

BLOCK: 36A LOT: 3 & 6
BLOCK: 190 LOT: 3

Community Relations Coordinator: Mark Herzberg (609) 633-1369

As of 28 June 2004

The site was originally a sand and gravel pit before it was converted into a private landfill in 1969. During the early 1970s, industrial wastes were disposed of at the site. Records indicate that liquid chemical wastes were poured directly into the landfill as well as buried in 55 gallon drums. It is estimated that nine million gallons of chemical wastes were disposed of at the landfill in this manner. The operator of the landfill stopped accepting chemical wastes in 1972 and ceased operations entirely in 1978. In the early 1980s, state and local officials determined that contaminated ground water at the landfill presented a substantial threat to nearby private potable wells and the Atlantic City Well Field, which was located less than a mile away. In 1982, USEPA placed the landfill on the National Priorities List of Superfund sites and NJDEP began a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to determine the extent of the contamination and evaluate cleanup alternatives. USEPA issued a Record of Decision (ROD) with NJDEP concurrence in 1983 that required relocation of the Atlantic City Well Field and replacement of private potable wells with public water supplies. This work was completed in 1985. Based on the RI/FS, NJDEP determined that the ground water at Prices Landfill was significantly contaminated with a variety of volatile organic compounds and metals, including benzene, vinyl chloride, cadmium and lead, and that a plume of contaminated ground water was migrating off site. In 1986, after the RI/FS was completed, USEPA issued a second ROD for the site with NJDEP concurrence that required the following actions: 1) installation of a security fence around the landfill; 2) installation of an on-site remediation system to collect and pretreat contaminated ground water and landfill leachate, followed by discharge of the treated effluent to the Atlantic County Wastewater Treatment Facility (ACWTF); 3) installation of a cap over the landfill; and 4)

implementation of a long-term ground water monitoring program to evaluate the effectiveness of the remedial actions. Progress on the ground water remediation system was delayed when ACWTF changed its discharge criteria and would no longer accept treated effluent from the landfill, which required NJDEP to modify the Remedial Design to incorporate discharge of the treated effluent to the ground water through infiltration galleries. NJDEP completed construction of an interim ground water remediation system at the landfill in 2000. The interim system collects contaminated ground water from a recovery well on the eastern side of the site, conveys it to an on-site treatment system that removes the volatile organic compounds, and discharges the treated water into an infiltration gallery located on the landfill. It currently extracts and treats approximately 100,000 gallons of ground water each day. The interim system will be evaluated and modified over a period of two years to optimize its performance. NJDEP began the Remedial Design for the landfill cap and a final ground water remediation system in 2002. The Remedial Design is expected to be completed in 2004.

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