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PJP Landfill Superfund Site

400 Sip Avenue
Jersey City, Hudson County
PI #: 216727

Tax Map Lot/Block:  

Block 1639.1 (Lots 2A, 3, 4C)
Block 1639.2 (Lots 1C, 7, 7E)
Block 1627.1 (Lots 5A, 6A, parts of 2A, parts of 3B, parts of 4B)
Block 1627.2 (Lot 1P)

Site Description
From the Site-Wide Fact Sheet - August 2010

The former PJP Landfill consists of approximately 87 acres and encompasses property owned by several different entities. During the 1980s, approximately 45 acres of the site was capped by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) as an Interim Remedial Measure ("IRM"). On March 7, 2008, ownership of approximately 52 acres (Block 1639.1, Lot 5C) of the Site (including both IRM capped and uncapped areas) was transferred to AMB Property, L.P. and AMB Pulaski Distribution Center, LLC (collectively "AMB"). On June 21, 2010, ownership of approximately 30 acres of the property (including both IRM Capped and approximately 23 acres of uncapped area) was transferred to Jersey City.

There is an approximately 3.0-acre area (Block 1640, Lot 7D), which is part of the PJP landfill, owned by Jay Dee Trucking (JDT). No buildings or structures are located on this area. Currently, the area is used to store empty trailers. In accordance with a June 2010 Gas Vent Sampling and Analysis Report, approved by NJDEP and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), no further monitoring of gas vents is required for this area since because the (April 2010 and Jun 2010) gas vent sampling and analysis data did not exceed applicable regulatory standards. As required by NJDEP, JDT will obtain Remedial Action Permits for soil and groundwater. As part of the Remedial Action Permit for soil, JDT will establish a Deed Notice and will maintain the existing cap and fence, perform periodic inspections and any repair (if necessary) and provide biennial certifications to NJDEP and USEPA. As part of the Remedial Action Permit for groundwater, JDT will propose designation of a groundwater Classification Exception Area (CEA) & Well Restriction Area (WRA) for contaminants detected in groundwater that are attributable to Historic Fill and/or site proximity to Hackensack River. The January 2010 ground water analytical results did not reveal any contaminants attributable to JDT operations.


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