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Marlton Lakes Ground Water Investigation

Evesham Township, Burlington County
PI #: 248193

Community Relations Coordinator: Heather Swartz (609) 984-7135

As of 23 September 2005

Sampling conducted by residents, the Burlington County Health Department and NJDEP’s Remedial Response Element in 2005 identified approximately 25 residential wells in the Marlton Lakes region of Evesham Township that were contaminated with tetrachloroethylene (also known as perchloroethylene, or PCE) or mercury at levels exceeding New Jersey Drinking Water Standards. The sources of the contamination are unknown. NJDEP’s Environmental Claims Administration has installed Point-of-Entry Treatment (POET) systems on the affected wells to provide potable water for the residents while the extent of the contamination is determined and long-term water supply options are evaluated. The Remedial Response Element will sample other private wells in the area in late 2005 and use the results to delineate the Currently Known Extent (CKE) of the well contamination and conduct a water supply alternatives analysis for the site. Additional investigative work is underway by NJDEP to identify possible sources of the PCE and mercury contamination in the ground water.


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