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Denzer & Schafer X-Ray Company

Hickory Lane
Berkeley Township, Ocean County
PI #: G000002832

BLOCK: 858 LOT: 46A

Community Relations Coordinator: Heather Swartz (609) 984-7135

As of 28 June 2004

The Denzer & Schafer X-Ray Company formerly operated a silver reclamation facility at this site. The industrial process entailed using caustic chemical solutions to strip silver from x-ray film. Between 1974 and 1981, the facility discharged its process waste water to an underground septic system. NJDEP ordered the facility to cease the discharge to the septic system in 1981 and required the owner to install monitor wells to determine whether ground water quality at the site had become degraded due to past discharges. Sampling of the monitor wells confirmed that the underlying shallow aquifer was contaminated with volatile organic compounds and metals. Due to the potential for the contamination to migrate downward and affect domestic and public water supply wells in the area, USEPA added the Denzer & Schafer facility to the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites in 1983. Between 1987 and 1995, NJDEP's Remedial Response Element conducted a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to delineate the contamination in the soil and ground water and evaluate cleanup alternatives. The RI/FS revealed that the volatile organic contamination detected in the ground water early in the investigation had largely dissipated due to natural biodegradation and attenuation. The RI/FS also revealed that the metals contamination in the ground water did not pose a risk to any private or public wells. Sampling of the surface and subsurface soils across the site and surface water from a ponded area did not indicate contamination above levels of concern. In 1995, NJDEP issued a Record of Decision (ROD) with USEPA concurrence that called for no action at the site except for monitoring. Under the no action with monitoring remedy, there will be no remedial action to address the residual ground water contamination; however, monitoring of the ground water, surface water and sediments would be conducted for a period of at least five years to ensure the concentrations of contaminants in these media remain below levels of concern. The ROD also required establishment of a ground water Classification Exception Area (CEA) at the site to ensure that proper precautions are taken if any new potable wells are installed at the property. Shortly after the ROD was signed, the owner of the Denzer & Schafer company abandoned the facility and left drums of hazardous materials inside the process building and in a storage trailer that was parked on site. USEPA disposed of the drums of hazardous materials during a Removal Action in 1996 and a private party interested in developing the area subsequently demolished and disposed of the building. USEPA removed the Denzer & Schafer site from the NPL in 1998. NJDEP is periodically monitoring environmental conditions at the site pursuant to the requirements of the ROD.


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